Update on Meeting Cancellations

Hello members,

Early today, the NAWCC announced that the 2020 Regional to be held in Dayton, Ohio is cancelled. You might have seen that news by now.

In keeping with our policy to follow the NAWCC’s lead, we are cancelling our April meeting, our May Workshop, AND the June 2020 Regional. We’ll announce rescheduling of the Workshop as soon as we know more about where things are going with the present crisis. We’ll continue exploring the possibility of rescheduling the Regional as well.

Please check back here for other news as it emerges, as well as any updates on possible “virtual” meetings, which we are considering.

Also, to repeat the message that Randy and David emailed on April 16: In addition to using the website more frequently for general communications, we want to update the merchant information for the public. An enhancement for your consideration is the posting of your business card to market clock repair and sales offered by you. The Chapter often gets inquiries to our mailbox from people seeking clock repair. The most efficient way to help potential customers is to direct them to the website page displaying your business card. So, if you have a business card that you want posted on the Members Business Directory page, send it to Randy Schneider. His email is phaser2000@comcast.net. Email is preferred and most expedient. Alternatively, you can send your business card snail mail to:

Randy Schneider
7426 Foundation Dr.
Fort Collins, CO 80525.

Randy will scan and post it for you here on the Chapter website.

Kind regards,
Ken Reindel
President, Chapter 21

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