Margene Oswald Memorial Scholarship

This scholarship is to honor Margene Oswald, established by Chapter 21 to honor the memory and service of Mrs. Oswald to the field of horology.

This scholarship is given two times per year. This award has been established by Colorado Chapter 21 of the National Association of Watch and Collectors (NAWCC) . Its purpose is to provide financial support for Emily Griffith School of Horology students who are enrolled in accredited clock repair courses.This support is in the form of financial scholarships awarded by NAWCC Chapter 21 with monies from the Margene Oswald Memorial Scholarship Fund.

Scholarship Application

Margene Oswald Memorial

Past Scholarship Winners

Congratulations to these fine students for their efforts, interest, and dedication.

A big thank you goes to these donors:

Jim Corson; Andrew Dervan; Russ Junck; Duane and Julie Houchin; Paula Knighton; Mike Korn; Lew Oswald; NAWCC Chapter 100; NAWCC Chapter 160; NAWCC Chapter 21; Gus & Betty Gendler (4 clocks); Randy Schneider; Barney Wooters; Paul Wegener; Gerry Spann; Shephen Garren


Randy Schneider

Randy is currently enrolled in the clock repair class at Emily Griffith. Prior to this, he invested in video courses on clock repair. Joined the NAWCC and chapter 21. He has repaired serveral clocks before enrolling in the school. His father left him five vintage clocks all not running. He has always had an interest in learning how to work and repair these clocks. His father was very knowledgeable in clock repair, but Randy did not take the time to learn at that time. He has made the time and is enjoying the experience.

His plan is to make clock repair his new career. He says it is rewarding to restore these vintage clocks to working condition, so they can be a treasure for years to come.

Randy plans to continue with the clock class to learn how to repair all the different types of clocks and become a certified horologist.


Estera Faralora

Estera is one of the newest members of the clock repair class and the NAWCC.

Estera’s background is in pipe organ building, which involved everything from woodworking, soldering, the manufacture, installation, organization, calibration, refinement, etc of multiple mechanical parts, along with restoration, cleaning, and simple wiring along with things such as gold-leafing, lathing, and painting. This was her perfession for 13 years, her passion was working with smaller stuff. She wanted to restore old mantle clocks, grandfather clocks, old music boxes and other smaller instruments that involved the principles of clock- work. What better way to do this than to learn clock repair?

She was raised in a family that taught me to respect and use antiques, despite contemporary creations.

Her plan to not only keep up applied knowledge in regard to clocks, but also to apply the skills learned to other mechanical automata as well. The more clocks that can be brought to working condition, the less their parts will end up adorning some tacky steampunk outfit.

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Jeff Wingfield

Jeff is a student at Emily Griffith Technical College clock repair class. He has also tutored with David Phillips, a former Emily Griffith student and owner of David’s Professional Clock Repair in Boulder, Colorado.

He plans to use the skills to carry on the tradition of Horology, fixing clocks and trying to sell them to make younder people realize these were the highly technical computers of before computers existed. He says “They are cool as well and beautiful machines”.

Jeff’s short term goals are to continue his education thru the clock repair school at Emily Griffith and mentoring with David Phillips. He plans to continue collecting and repairing, refurbishing, rebuilding, and selling antique clocks.

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Vance Belyea

Vance’s initial interest started when he bought a 1925 grandfather clock. He learned to fix it himself via internet researches. After that, he fixed several clocks and decided that this is what he would love to do. He is currently enrolled in the Emily Griffith School of Horology.

He plans to keep learning so that he could do this for a living. Vance states “He wants to save as many clocks from extinction that he can!” and “He love’s repairing and restoring clocks!”

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