Some May Updates

Hello everyone,

Well, Spring is upon us and the weather is starting to show signs of change! Although there is always the possibility of a freeze, the likelihood (at least on the Front Range) is diminishing, and the days are getting much nicer for walks or rides, with temperatures mid-day into the 70’s. Hopefully, you’ve been able to start getting out (wearing face masks is a very good idea) for a walk or even to sit outside and enjoy the warmth.

You might have seen on the front page of our website that our Regional has been rescheduled for the following dates:

Saturday, October 24th 8:30-6:00
Sunday, October 25th 9:30-1:00

Who knows what the future will bring with respect to COVID-19, but this is our present plan, and we’re hoping we can follow through with it!

We’ve been talking about doing a meeting this month online via Zoom (or something similar). Whatever we decide to do, we’ll set it up so there is no charge to you, and it is convenient and easy. More to follow!

It looks like the Strawberry Days Antique Show scheduled for May 16 has officially been cancelled by their sponsor, the St Vrain Historical Society. It will not be rescheduled this summer. We will need to wait for their next event, Pumpkin Pie Days in October to participate and promote our cause, Chapter 21, and NAWCC. Also the Boulder County Fairgrounds Committee has cancelled all events through June of this year. We’ll look forward with high hopes for Pumpkin Pie Days later in the year.

Last weekend would have been our Bring a Clock to Diagnose workshop, and we really miss not being able to hold it. We miss all of you! Hopefully things will improve here soon, enough to be able to resume our workshops as well. Keep your fingers crossed. In the meantime, continue to be well, and be safe!

Ken Reindel
President, NAWCC Chapter 21

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