Meeting Minutes from June 8, 2020 Zoom Meeting

Due to the Coronavirus pandemic, Chapter 21 did not have a meeting in March, April, or May. In response to member interest in continuing communications and monthly programs, it was decided to try our first Zoom-based group meeting in early June. In addition, regular posts on our blog have been increased to provide basic Chapter information.

Ken Reindel called the meeting to order at 7:10 P.M. on Zoom. There were 19 individuals online at the beginning of the meeting and as many as 22 by mid-meeting.

The meeting was recorded in its entirety and is available at:

Recorded Meeting from June 8, 2020

The pandemic is having an adverse effect on clock repair and business for some. One member reported delaying house calls to avoid exposure. Indeed, most are staying close to home. While the numbers in Colorado have been on a decline, there is still a risk out there especially for those who travel to states where the numbers are higher than they are here. One member suggested a road trip to Wyoming, where the pandemic seems to be in much better control than elsewhere in the country. Another member suggested certain areas within Utah (note that in the Salt Lake County area cases seem to be on the increase). In any event, proper precautions should be taken, and check the various online state resources on new cases. Please continue to stay safe!

Dick Shelton reported that workshops are on hold until next year.

Tim Orr reported the National office has hired an Executive Director and an announcement is forthcoming. His second announcement was a recommendation for everyone to review the revised website. The revised website and Message Board and information is a valuable asset for reference; items for sale, library, videos, and other information.

Terry Jones had good news that the October Regional is confirmed and will be held on October 24, 25 at the Jefferson County Fairgrounds. We need to wrap-up and leave the exhibit hall by 2:00 P.M. on Sunday. The June Regional expo for this weekend was obviously canceled. Further, Strawberry Days Antique Event is canceled. Pumpkin Pie Days will be held in October; date to be announced—at least at this point.

A very interesting positive side effect of our online Zoom meeting was that numerous members could share live video “show and tell” of clocks and other items of interest—right from their homes! Several members shared interesting stories of cuckoo clocks and other horological items.

Ken Reindel presented the program “Setting Up A Clock Shop” which was full of valuable information and equipment tips. We are indebted to our President for carrying the bulk of the presentations at our Chapter Meetings. Thank you, Ken. This was a fantastic gem of a presentation, a trove of ideas. For reference, or to watch the Power Point presentation, check out the link above.

The August 24, 2020 Program, again by Ken, is entitled “A Bulle Restoration.” The July and September Program slots are open. Please contact Carlo Borsi if you would like to do a program.

The October 26, 2020 Program will be on “Using Sound to Diagnose Clocks,” by Ken Reindel. On November 23, we will hold our Annual Meeting. We’ll monitor the situation to see when it might be possible to transition from Zoom meetings back to “live” in-person meetings.

Everyone responded positively when asked if we should do more Zoom meetings until the COVID-19 crisis subsides. Therefore, our next meeting will be the regular time, the fourth Monday, July 27, 2020. Below is the invitation. Please make a note of it. A reminder will be sent out a week before the gathering. And, continue to check our blog here.

NAWCC Chapter 21 is inviting you to a scheduled Zoom meeting.

Chapter 21 July 27, 2020 Zoom Meeting

Meeting ID: 881 5266 4041 Password: 745408

The June 8 meeting was adjourned at 9:25 P.M.

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