Bring a Clock to Diagnose 2020 Workshop

Hello everyone!  We will be holding a Bring a Clock to Diagnose Workshop (Version 2020) coming up May 2, 2020 starting at 9:00am.  If you have a trouble clock that is giving you fits, doesn’t run consistently, or whatever the issue may be, sign up for our upcoming Workshop and bring it along.  Or if you just want to learn a bit about clock repair, that’s fine too.  There will be a brief presentation followed by several hours of availability from myself (Ken R), Mike Korn, Randy Schneider and Dick Shelton to help you along in your clock repair conquests.  As with our other recent Workshops, this one will be held at the Emily Griffith Technical College, again, starting at 9:00am.  Look forward to seeing you there!

This will be our second Workshop of 2020.  We have been striving to make the Workshops more and more hands-on this year.  We’ll do the same for our May 2 Workshop!

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