Minutes of NAWCC Chapter 21 Meeting January 4, 2021

President Ken Reindel opened the meeting at 7:08pm via Zoom. There were no additions or deletions to the December meeting minutes. It was moved to approve them, and subsequently seconded.

Projecting the COVID-19 pandemic impact, the percent positive indicators, and vaccination rollout, we may be pushed further into the summer months before returning to face-to-face meetings. We want to resume as soon as possible and will continue monitoring the situation.

Terry Jones reported that planning for the next Regional continues. The Strawberry Days weekend, tentatively set for May 14-16, is still the plan of record. It is dependent on settling the issues of contracting for space with the Boulder County Fairgrounds, agreement with the Strawberry Days planners, and COVID-19 status.

Tim reported on the successful completion of the fire suppression system upgrade at the National. Tim also strongly encouraged the use of the message board on NAWCC’s website (can be found at https://mb.nawcc.org/whats-new/posts/52701/). Don’t forget to log in (or create a login if you are first time to the message board). The posts are active, providing valuable information and a resource for answering specific questions encountered in clock repair and collecting, movement identification, and general information. It is a one-of-a-kind resource worthy of attention. On a difficult topic, the reopened museum and library encountered a new shutdown due to COVID. The museum and li-brary will again reopen on January 6.

Tim’s term on the NAWCC board of directors will expire this year. Ballot preparation for the new board member election is prepared and will be sent to all members soon. You will want to watch for it. The National office is sending the ballot out electronically. There will be no physical ballots mailed to members. If you are not receiving emails from the national headquarters, Tim encourages us to check with Stacey Strayer, sstrayer@nawcc.com.

Chapter 21 has been fortunate to have Tim on the National board, benefiting from Tim’s NAWCC leadership, timely communication and advanced planning at the local level. Our heartfelt thank you goes out to Tim for years of service and his ongoing work assignments at the National level.

Paul Wegener, Librarian’s Report, presented a 1989 publication entitled “American Clocks & Clock Works.”

Adding to the interesting Show & Tell items, Tim Schulz and Terry Jones offered announcements and observations. Tim announced that past member and sage in our business, Bert Tolbert, has an important upcoming birthday! His daughter is organizing a drive-by 100th birthday celebration for her father. A face-to-face celebration is impossible due to COVID, and many friends and colleagues want to wish Bert Happy Birthday. It is worth noting that besides Bert’s horological expertise he is recognized as one of the last living scientists who participated in the Manhattan Project. Contact info@nawcc21.com for his address, to send a card, or to participate.

Terry Jones observed that keeping track of Chapter 21 meeting announcements and the Zoom link involves frantic searching through email history, which can sometimes be cumbersome. In the future, David Gies will send an additional reminder email on the day of the meeting with the Subject Line “Denver Chapter 21 Meeting,” making searches for the Zoom link easier. Thanks Terry for the suggestion. Ken Reindel also noted that the meeting announcement and Zoom link can always be found on our Chapter website at NAWCC Chapter 21 Blog

Following the business segment of the evening, Ken Reindel’s interesting 48-slide presentation “American Clocks Restoration Nightmares” was presented. It can be found on our YouTube Channel at American Clocks: Restoration Nightmares Presentation.

Meeting adjourned at 9:30 P.M.

Respectfully, David Gies, Secretary

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