Minutes of NAWCC Chapter 21 August 30, 2021 Meeting

The meeting was called to order by Ken Reindel with the customary review of COVID-19 status in Colorado.  There were 28 people in attendance. We are planning for a face-to-face meeting in September, but with the recent outbreak of the Delta Variant, the decision is less confident at this time.  Expect to be notified as the situation evolves. 

Terry Jones, John Neal, NAWCC Chair James Price, Mike Korn, and Tom Evans

Terry Jones reported on a new location for the regular meetings generally held on the fourth Monday of the month. It is necessary to move because our Monday time slot has been reassigned, reportedly anyway, to another group meeting at St Michael’s.  There is some confusion about this, but the most we can determine, and for our self-interest, it is time to identify another place to meet on Mondays.  The jury is still out.

Dave Fornof reported on the Regional.  It was a grand success from all indications. Like our monthly meetings, the Chapter was obliged to find a new venue.  Moving the location to Boulder County appears to improve the annual event.  The final count was 70 tables and over 100 participants.   NAWCC Convention Chari, Jim Price, was on hand for the entire weekend and welcomed the group with an update at the Chapter’s breakfast on Sunday.  Chapter member and outgoing national board member Tim Orr made the keynote presentation on Longitude and Latitude Today.  His talk is available on the Chapter’s YouTube channel at  https://youtu.be/B8Zg5F3QH5g

Following a short discussion on the Boulder Fairgrounds facilities, the consensus was to schedule the same time and place for next year’s Regional Expo. Again, Dave and Nattelle Fornof will take the lead.  Dave and Natelle Fornof and Terry Jones were given a round of applause and thank you for the time they invested in organizing the successful 2021 Colorado Regional.

Several Show-and-Tell items were displayed and presented in Zoom’s screen share.  One notable talk was about a street clock located on South Broadway with tips from the group on how to sleuth out the owner. Unfortunately, the clock is not working. However, it is unique on a major highway and maybe a project if the owner can be unearthed. 

Librarian Paul Wegener reported on a book entitled: “Clocks” by Simon Fleet, Octopus Books, Ltd., Publishers.  London, 1972.  Paul always shares a pithy perspective.  To quote his critique: “All of you that collect and/or repair clocks should always be in wonder of some of them that were invented and created, as it were, by men (humankind).  This book begins with man’s earliest timepiece, a stick in the ground to cast a shadow. Then, it traces its history and evolution to the mechanical clock through sundials and water clocks, hourglasses, and measured candles.  The book is a fine read.”  The members always appreciate the librarian’s report and summary of the many titles in Chapter 21’s library.  Thank you, Paul.

John Flahive presented the monthly program, Military Watches of WWI and II.  It was recorded and is available at  https://youtu.be/F6Gcmc_4zNg.

Meeting adjourned at 9:20 P.M. 

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